We'd like to do something about racial tension & social injustice 

in America. 


It starts with ME.

It starts with YOU.

It's up to US!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."- Gandhi

This is a social campaign to get you thinking about what you can do to restore love, peace, compassion, humanity and solidarity in today's hurting world. 

And, challenging

 you to do it.

Our Hope

I want to restore love, peace, compassion and humanity for ALL Americans

I stand in solidarity to address injustice & fight for reform

I believe we are ALL humans and should be treated equally with respect

I can and I will DO something. I'm all IN!

Let us know you are (IN)!

If this is you . . .


A social campaign to activate action.

How it works:

Tell us you're (IN) by completing this 10 second form

Make up your mind to DO SOMETHING. Announce your action plan using #allin4humanity

You've got 10 days to do what you said. Then, invite 10 friends to join the challenge

Share an image, video or post of the outcome using hashtag #allin4humanity

Choose to do ONE action-step with intention to share love, invite peace, show compassion, express humanity and stand in solidarity toward an individual or a group of individuals who are facing injustice. Share what you plan to do using hashtag #allin4humanity.  Are you IN?

1. Make up your mind to do something.

Ok, now it's time to take action!

I'm ready to do something!

Do what you set out to do. Take a video or a picture to capture the moment. Then,  share with us (tag us or use hashtag #allin4humanity) how it made you feel to be the change. We ALL need to DO more, so we can SEE more love, peace, compassion, humanity and solidarity. 

 Will you?

2. Then do it. And share it.





"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about 

things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."


- Malcolm X

While we may not be able to solve for systemic racism and institutionally-based practices of injustice through this platform, we can DO SOMETHING to start the healing process - one person at a time.  

Here are 10 practical ways to impact change NOW:

What are examples of positive things I can do?


Are you registered?  To register to vote, click here. Vote, not only for the President of the United States, but also for your LOCAL officials.


Embrace Your Inner Child.

Children connect, engage and enjoy one another without fear, prejudice or hesitation regardless of differences.


Sign up to volunteer your time, energy, and resources to help further the missions, organizations and groups you support. Find a local group - then join them.


Promote Positivity.

Write a post, book, song or an article, sing, or dance to thought-provoking lyrics. Use your gifts to spread love, peace and positivity. The world needs it.

Speak Your Truth.

Stats and facts are insightful, but nothing is more powerful to humanize your position and promote understanding than your own account (or witness) of injustice.  Don't withhold. Share.


Don't Share Negativity.

Though tempting, please do not share or like articles that promote hate, bigotry or racism or violence. Let's reduce visibility to divisive rhetoric and harmful images.




Abandon Comfort Zones

Bravery and courage are required when confronting an issue of injustice and striving toward change; You will be uncomfortable. There will be opposition. Even from friends.


Do Something New.

When you do something new, there will be new people, a fresh opportunity to get to know folks who may be different from you. Start with a clean slate. Love others.


Stand for Something.

Jesse Williams did. Shailene Woodley did.  One spoke up at an awards ceremony, the other stood in solidarity at Standing Rock. Both challenged the Status Quo, raised awareness and caused the nation to start a dialogue about injustices. You can too - in your circles.


Confess your own bias.

We all have biases (taught or picked up). It's time to unlearn the things that were meant to divide and stir hatred toward others. Be honest with yourself. It's hard, but necessary! 



Let's be the change.

Like many Americans, we wanted to do something about the racially charged climate in the U.S. and concerns about social injustice facing our nation. But, we didn't know where to begin or what we could do to truly make an impact. So, a group of diverse individuals in the Philadelphia, PA area retreated from the noise and came together to brainstorm. Out of it came this campaign, #ALL(IN)4Humanity, which acknowledged our need to deal internally (it starts with me) to impact change externally (be the change we hope to see). 

We are #ALL(IN)4HUMANITY, an online campaign for individuals who are "ALL IN" for restoring love, peace, compassion, humanity and solidarity in our nation. We are responding with the fierce urgency of now, because Dr. King taught us the right time to do the right thing is always now. We are a diverse group, representing different races, cultures and ethnicities.

We are everyday people, like you, who have decided to take action - with the resources we already have and within the circles we already run. And, we started this campaign to invite others, like you, to do the same. JOIN US! Decide on at least ONE meaningful action-step (of your choosing) toward mending human relations by either supporting or advocating on behalf of a group who's been marginalized, increasing understanding around the injustices, acknowledging your own bigotry and biases, and/or standing in solidarity to fight for reform because an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  And, do it within 10 days. Then, let us know how it goes using hashtag #allin4humanity.  

Are you willing to DO SOMETHING? If so, tell us you're in,  share your action-step on social media using the hashtag #allin4humanity when doing your part. Let's spread positive images and messages of kindness, compassion, diverse group discussions, enlightenment, songs, poems, civil police encounters, positive activism, etc...

It starts with me. It starts with you. It's up to us. Together, we WIN.


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